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    Family Update - October 2, 2020

    Hello KESD Families,

    I hope this message finds you well. I have some important information that will help guide us through the next few weeks. 

    Contra Costa County is entering the "Red" classification as defined by the Contra Costa County Department of Public Health (CCDPH) - Red rating still recognizes our county as having a "substantial" transmission rate within our community. This is a measure of  testing positivity rates, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions. As we have expected, the numbers for COVID-19 have been improving and have maintained for the past two weeks. This will allow entities in our county to reopen with restrictions and strict procedures in place for safety.   Our commitment to our students, families, and staff has always been to reopen in a safe manner that protects the health and safety of all. That is our number one priority.  Given that October is traditionally the start of the flu season, health officials are warning of a second wave of COVID-19  which may lead to a significant increase in hospitalizations beginning this month. Factors that can further compound issues associated with flu season are the increase of quarantine due to illness, further backlogs in the return of testing results, and complicated contact tracing efforts with seasonal flu vs. COVID-19 infections.  As with many businesses and organizations, schools must contend and plan to address these factors when considering reopening in a hybrid model.

    Out of caution districts in our area are delaying any potential reopening to a hybrid model until after the winter break. The KESD has not made a determination of when to reopen, however, will continue to monitor the situation as more data and information becomes available. I know that the pandemic has created hardships for many of our students and families. We want to ensure that when we do transition into a hybrid model, we have a high probability of being able to stay there and not have to return to distance learning.  

    The transition from distance learning to a hybrid model will be very intrusive and impact everybody's daily schedule. Considerations such as class schedules, AM/PM cohort assignments, and in some circumstances school placements will need to change. The changes will be purely out of necessity in order to keep our student numbers in alignment with reopening criteria.  Given the changes in schedules, cohorts, classes, and school assignments that come with transitioning from one model to the next, several shifts back and forth between these models can add further stress and frustration to all involved.  Plain and simple, we must make sure we get this right the first time.      

    Please know that we are constantly assessing and monitoring this situation with the lens of student and staff safety.  This includes ways to reduce the risk of transmission,  protocols for cleaning and disinfecting and always planning on how to best bring students back to school safely.  We have learned a lot about how this virus works over the past 6 months. With that said, there is still more to learn about the long-term effects associated with this virus. As we progress into the fall and flu season, we will keep you updated on the latest information as it becomes available. I again want to thank our families and community for your continued support and understanding.

    Please follow this link from the Contra Costa Public Health Department on what to do if you are sick. It includes ways to screen if you have a common cold, the flu, or possibly COVID-19

    Contra Costa Public Health link to "If you are sick"

    Free Flu Shot Clinic at Old River -  Flu shots at Old River Elementary MP room, Monday, October 5th, 11am until 3pm. 

    District Provided Hotspots - I want to inform families who use a district provided hotspot that this is for school use only.  Although these hotspots provide "unlimited" data, they only allow 5 Gigs of data at a fast rate, per billing cycle. After the 5 Gigs are exceeded the hotspot slows down to a rate of 1 mbps. This very slow rate does not support very much in the way of video streaming. We are receiving notification that some devices have reached their 5 Gig limit over break. Much of the data is being used on websites not related to school, social media (facebook, tik tok), and video streaming movies. District provided hotspots are to only be used by students and parents for school functions.  Our district is in the process of securing more hotspots for students in critical need of connectivity.  Those who have received a district hotspot will need to restart your device in order to receive critical updates from our district. If your hotspot does not receive these updates, they may lose service completely.  To avoid an interruption in service, please power down and restart your hotspot. Thank you.

    Tuesday, October 6th - Corn Dog Tuesday in the front of Knightsen School. 9am until 8pm. Come on out and enjoy one of the best corndogs on the planet!

    School will resume in distance learning on Monday, October 12th. Students will continue with their regular schedule.  On behalf of the Knightsen Elementary School District, we want to wish your family the very best. Enjoy the next week off and see you soon. Take care and be well. 

    Harvey Yurkovich


    Knightsen Elementary School District



    About Our School

    Our Mission

    To develop respectful, responsible, creative, lifelong learners Knightsen Elementary School District will:
    • Deliver an academically challenging and technology-infused curriculum including the arts.
    • Provide a stimulating, safe and supportive learning environment.
    • Attract, retain, develop and evaluate a highly qualified and caring staff.
    • Encourage each child to reach his or her personal best.
    • Build integrity, character and civic responsibility in our students.
    • Engage families in the daily life of the school.
    • Instill school pride and honor tradition.
    • Connect students to the unique agricultural heritage of our community.
    • Respect the diversity of students.
    • Transition students to the next educational level.
    • Prepare students for diverse careers within a global economy.
    • Guide students to understand and use technology responsibly.