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Day Care

     New this year:  All rates are based on a flat fee for students based on the number of days per week you require care.  There will not be a separate hourly rate or a drop in rate.  Students cannot switch the day of the week they will attend without a two week written notice.  The Board of Trustees has authorized the District to offer Daycare as a convenience for parents.  We cannot subsidize the daycare budget with school funds in any way.  If enough parents do not sign up for daycare to ensure that the cost of employees is covered by the fees collected,  daycare will not be offered.  Daycare will be offered at one school location unless enough families sign up to support having a program at each site.  Daycare will be offered at the site with the most enrollments.  Students will be able to ride the bus at no charge to the campus where daycare is located.  The location of the Daycare site will be Knightsen Elementary School.  

     Submit a $100 registration fee with enrollment agreement, prior to June 15th in order to guarantee your space in the program.  If there is not enough enrollment prior to June 15th to ensure that the program will be self sufficient, then the day care program may be cancelled.  In the event that the program will not be available, parents will receive a full refund of their registration fee. 

     Families who end the 2016-2017 year with a balance due will not be enrolled in daycare unless all past due monies and the required deposit is received.


Rates for Child Care:

Full time rate: (AM/PM) 6:30-8:00 am, after school until 6:00pm, 5 days a week when school is in session.  $450 per month per child,  paid in 10 installments,  August through May.  This is the best value.  Daycare fees will be prorated should the student enroll after the first day of school.                        


Part Time Rates:

(AM only) 5 days a week $150.00 per month, per child

(PM only)  to 6pm 5 days a week $350.00 per month, per child

(PM only) to 4:pm 5 days a week $175.00 per month, per child

Minimum Days—after school –6:00 pm $150.00 per month, per child 

(AM/PM) 3 days a week $300.00 per month, per child

(PM) 3 days a week $250.00 per month, per child


  • Registration Fee - A fee of $100.00  per family is due at registration.  This is non-refundable and will secure your child’s spot in the Daycare program. 
  • Late Payment Policy - All fees are due on the 1st of the month.  When the due date falls on a day that the school is closed, the tuition will be due on the previous open school day.  If for any reason your child will not be attending daycare on the tuition due date,   arrangements must be made to have the payment in on time in order to avoid late fees.  Payments in advance will be accepted. 
  • Late Pickup Fee - Daycare closes at 6:00 pm.  If a parent is late, they will be charged a $5 late fee, plus $1 for every minute after this time.
  • Modifications - Contract changes can be made with 30 days prior notification.  There is no refund policy, as 2 weeks written notice must be given to end a contract for child care.  At that time tuition to be paid may be adjusted to account for the two week  notice. 
  • Snacks - Students who are enrolled in morning daycare, may purchase breakfast through the school nutrition program.  Regular breakfast charge of $2.50 per breakfast will be charged through our cafeteria program.  Students may bring their own breakfast.  A light afternoon snack will be served at approximately 3 pm.  If students are staying until 6 pm, parents may wish to pack their child an additional snack.  Daycare fees do not include breakfast fees. 
  • Illness - We must maintain a healthy environment for the benefit of your child and the other children enrolled in care.  A child must stay home if they have a high fever of 100 or above, if they are vomiting, have diarrhea or any illness which is determine to be  harmful to your child or the children in daycare.  If your child becomes ill while at daycare you will be phoned right away.  A parent will be required to pick up an ill child within an hour of being notified. 
  • The Knightsen School District reserves the right to terminate an agreement at any time, without prior notice, due to safety concerns, non-payment of tuition or other reasons as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent. 
  • Both parties will sign a new contract annually
  • The first month is probationary period for the provider, parent and child.  The agreement may be terminated at any time during this period.
  • Anyone picking up your child must have their name on file with the daycare program and will be asked to show a photo ID before they will be allowed to take your child from the program. 
  • If your child will not be in daycare on a given day, please notify the school/office that your son/daughter will not be attending the program when you call in the absence so that we know not to expect them.
  • A two week notice must be given if your child is leaving the daycare program.
  • The Knightsen Daycare Program will no longer split bills between parents for collection. Each parent may send in a check for half the fees in advance, but the total amount must be paid by the first of the month.  

Payment for care is due in advance on the 1st of each month. A fee of $10.00 will apply for any late payments.
If your child does not attend care on a scheduled day/time you have committed, you will still have to pay.
Payments can be made in the business office by check, payable to KESD Day Care. There is a returned check fee of $25.00.
Payments can be made online through My School Bucks: My School Bucks does not give balances or amounts due.

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